On a sunny day,
a solar system will
Four Times
the heat energy of an
electric or gas system.

The Pool Heating Science is clear.

Double your Summer fun.
Research shows that, by drawing warmth from the air and the Sun’s rays, an Aquarius
solar pool heater will increase the swimming days per year and the swimming hours per day,
doubling your summer fun and the value you get from your investment.

Swim when you want to.
When the Sun shines, you want to use your pool. But more than half the time the water is
too cold. Solar is perfectly in tune with the Sun. When the Sun warms you, it warms the
pool too.

Aquarius Solar Product

Six tubes to gather the Sun’s energy.
Flexible collector strips provide even water distribution across the roof. Tube thickness, thermal resistance and the area exposed to the Sun have been refined to allow for maximum absorption and transfer of heat quickly to the pool.

Faster Warming.
Holes punched in the webbing help over-night dew evaporate quickly and rain water to drain straight through. All which means more heat into your pool more rapidly. The Incident Angle Modifier lifts and separates the tubes so each is exposed to more sunshine for more hours every day.

Keep your pool at a “Perfect” swimming temperature for more
of the season using the cheapest
and the best heat source…

History and Benefits

Solar is the Intelligent & Responsible Choice.
In the Energy Crisis of the 70’s, the solution was to heat pools with solar heating. The answer hasn’t
changed in the current Energy Crisis and it will be the same in future…why?
Because it’s the World’s most reliable FREE energy source. A solar pool heater will generate up to
0.5kWh per sqm which means a 40sqm solar system can generate 20kWh. Nothing else comes close.

Total Flow control determines performance
Maintaining even water pressure in every tube across a large solar collector area involves complex hydraulics
and flow management. The Aquarius technology addresses these problems and only Aquarius achieves
maximum heating efficiency by mastering them. With Aquarius, there are no cool spots.


  • The Rogers Family
    “I am very happy with the customer service I have received throughout the process of installing our Solar Collector. Whenever I have called for assistance I have never been made to feel silly with all of my questions and I can only praise the staff at Aquarius Solar.”
  • The Bremner Family
    “The staff and subcontractors at Aquarius Solar were extremely professional and helpful throughout the process, I would highly recommend them for price, service and professionalism.”
  • The Wright Family
    “The Solar Pool Heating system has been a great addition to the family home. Since the system was installed it has been enjoyed by so many of our family and friends. We are able to get much more use out of our pool whether it be for leisure or exercise, especially during the Cooler months.”

Solar Heating Systems Estimate

Solar Pool Heating Calculator.

Use the table below to calculate the approximate
installed cost of an Aquarius Solar Heating System

Pool Shapes

For the sake of the estimate the shape of the pool
is not that important, just enter the length and the
width at the longest point.

Estimate Conditions

The Solar heating estimator gives you an estimate
of how much it would cost to have Solar Heating installed for your Pool.

The Estimate is based on the Pool pumping system
being within 50 feet of the roof of the Solar Heating System will be installed on.

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The Perfect Partnership
Australia is a world leader in solar pool heating and our solar collector is there and shipped around the world.
It is designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standard.

Service & Installation.
Similarities between the Australian and North American climates make Aquarius solar a perfect match for
US pools. It’s manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions and backed with highly trained installers
Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems and service technicians